St. Louis St. Charles International National Logistics Management

Truckload Logistics Service –

We handle local, nationwide, and international full truckload freight.

LTL Service –

First Capitol Courier will manage all of your partials from origin to destination efficiently.

Expedite Solutions-

If you need direct non-stop service across town, the nation, or worldwide we have you covered.

International Solutions-

Our team of cargo forwarders have an extensive network of partnerships internationally.

Air Cargo-

First Capitol Courier’s team will route your air cargo across the country or around the globe.

Track and Trace –

You can choose either, email notification at any given time interval, or live mapping with gps tracking, on any of the freight we manage.

At First Capitol Courier we take the frustration out of keeping up with all of your logistics needs. We oversee the management from source to the final destination point on all of your cargo. First Capitol offers the ability for you to track the location of  your orders to a point on a map with our GPS tracking software. Or, if you wish, just be notified by email periodically on the location of your freight, and when it is accepted at its final destination. We have solutions for any need from high priority non-stop shipments  to full scale distribution network management. We have a nationwide and international network of partners.  We can expertly oversee your entire supply chain from origin to destination. First Capitol’s logistic team has access to vehicles from trucks to trains to airplanes and, will leverage those resources to provide you with the highest level of service and reliability to meet any logistics need you run into. Our team has the software, expertise, and partnerships that make us stand alone in the transportation industry. We are the premier, full service, international, supply chain solution you need.

 Email Bill or Email Jean for rates in your area.